For Caregivers

Often in caretaking roles or careers, we can become overwhelmed with the needs and dependence of those for whom we provide care. This can lead to depletion, anxiety, our own health or relationship concerns, or a general sense of not having enough to go around.

If you are a therapist or social worker, medical professional, parent or child-care provider, elder caretaker, or in another caretaking role or career, it is essential to make room for your own self care and support. I provide therapy specifically focused on the particular concerns and challenges that arise when your own needs suffer due to other demands placed on you. Using the body as a guide and resource we can find ways to feed your own self first in order to provide care to others. Our work together can help develop life practices to support awareness and the self care that often gets lost when we attend to others in our lives.


Individual Therapy

Please contact me if you have questions or would like to set up an appointment.

Self Care for the Helping Professions

Occasionally I will offer workshops focused on utilizing the body as a resource for self care and support. Practices can include mindful breathing and movement, body scan meditations, creative processes and intentional experimentation with body postures and holding. I create the workshop based on the needs and desires of the participants. Please contact me at if you are interested in bringing this service to your place of work or would like to gather a group together to explore.