For people with relationship struggles

People come to relationship therapy for many reasons including sex, money, parenting or betrayal of some sort;  I often find that at the core the issue is a couple’s connection has been disrupted in some way and needs attention.


Relationship Counseling

Losing the connection to a loved one threatens our sense of security and can be seen in negative communication patterns, escalating arguments, feelings of abandonment, or a feeling of being on parallel paths that never seem to meet. Our work together can address your current issues while working to increase empathy, understanding and connection.

Relationship Regulation

My work with couples is informed by Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Hakomi work. The therapy is collaborative and respectful of clients while working to reduce a couple’s conflict. Focus on present moment experiences and interaction as well as how each person communicates without words helps us expand possibility in the relationship.

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