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Creative individual and relationship Counseling for Worried Women and their loved ones

Sometimes it is so hard to be a human. And when our racing hearts make us feel afraid, our aching bodies long to rest, confusion and fear lead us to worry nothing will ever feel good again. You may feel afraid and overwhelmed because you have run out of ideas for how to soothe and calm your overstimulated body and overactive mind.

You’ve lost perspective and can’t seem to find it in you to be kind to yourself. You feel upset and insecure, worried you aren’t doing well enough at work, in relationships, at life. You compare yourself to others and always come up lacking. How come it feels easier to offer others your compassion, but you can’t seem to stop judging yourself?

Finding a therapist to help sort through all the messy bits can feel like a herculean task, one more thing to add to the endless to-dos that leave you feeling always behind. You long desperately for some relief, want to feel some hope, but your anxiety rises even more at the thought of asking for help, even as you recognize you don’t want to do this alone anymore.

Compassionate support for mental health and wellness from an experienced Anxiety Therapist

Hello there sweet soul. I want to welcome you here. I start each therapeutic relationship with an open heart and a curiosity about the person in front of me. I want to explore what makes you tick, how your experiences have shaped you to be who you are, and where you feel stuck. I’m a different sort of therapist. By paying close attention to small details, how you speak, sit, move, what you choose to share with me, I can help you explore and understand the nuance and subtlety of how you form your lived self. This intention informs my questions, the way I hold my body, my tone of voice, and the message in my eyes. My style as a therapist is calm, kind, and engaging and I offer a unique perspective on your life dilemmas.

Collaboration and connection helps improve relationships

Feel nervous at the thought of starting therapy, or uncertain about how it could help? Don’t worry! I have worked with people of all shapes and sizes and it is my calling to help people come into mindful deep connection with themselves, including felt body experience. In my experience this is the most direct route to expanding your choice and options, as well as being practical, effective and empowering.

We will work together to help your nervous system learn how to regulate, how to come back into balance when you’re thrown off (we all get thrown off, growing resilience helps!). Building self compassion and working with the ways our brains process and encode experience is a direct way to bring about change. I deeply value collaboration and view my clients as the experts on themselves. My job is to create a space safe enough for you to share what you do know, and for us together to expand your knowledge and create new connections, in your mind and body, as well as out in the world with people you care about.


I think that healing and growth comes deeply from allowing ourselves to be creative; “to create” new experiences and realities requires a suspension of disbelief, a leap of imagination, a creation of variations in the ways we know ourselves. This requires the willingness to become okay with not yet knowing where you may end up, or how to get there.



California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #96860
Washington as Licensed Mental Health Counselor LH60224970


US Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP)
California Association for Marriage and Family Therapist (CAMFT)
Postpartum Health Alliance (PHA)

Find Your Courageous HEart and Try something new.

Allow yourself to be supported Today by an anxiety therapist that can help you:

  • begin to soothe your anxiety & stress by making mind and body connections

  • ease your worry by Claiming and expanding your strengths

  • Heal Trauma with nervous system regulation & mindful body Experiences

  • grow resilience & confidence by practicing the way you want to live

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